Friday, November 19, 2010

Eikoh release on the purchase of Shane

This PDF was sent to me earlier today, and so I translated parts of it. Apologies, the translation is not perfect (and therefore not to be quoted) and part 4 is less prose and more a series of financial and legal statements. No help on that from these parts I'm afraid.

Download the original PDF here.

And here are the relevant bits of the doc:

Eikoh became the parent company of Shane on Nov. 19.

1) BACKGROUND: In the field of education, due to the decreasing population, competition has increased. Therefore, the need for children to study has increased. It is also necessary for the modern businessman to maintain his education in order to remain ahead of the pack. This has led to a demand for English language education, and in order to develop our business we are now trying to develop our existing businesses and offer new services.

2) PROCESS: Eikoh has studied processes and entered partnerships to open up its business to new customers such as younger children. We are also entering negotiations with other companies to develop our business and make the company stronger through cooperation with businesses that specializes in areas that will benefit Eikoh. With this in mind, we have bought Shane.

3) REASON: We are looking to increase our market.
In the future, elementary school, English will be compulsory.
High school e¥English classes will be conducted in only English from 2014, which is likely to lead to an increase in demand for English lessons from a young age.
The "Englishization" of Japanese companies is likely to increase demand.
Shane has a 30 year history, 153 schools and 43 franchises with 20,000 customers.
Shane has a good reputation and a number of additional business opportunities. The teachers are also all university graduates and qualified to teach English as a foreign language. In lessons, Shane teachers use original materials that are published by the company.
Eikoh will add to its various operations a business that allows students to study in the same environment from a very young age through to the time when they are adults.
The Eikoh group will also benefit from bringing on board a company with skills not only in teaching but also in developing teaching materials and providing expertise in various teaching methods.

4) [Key points] Not a lot to see here, just company stats. If you have an interest in them, sorry.

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