Friday, November 20, 2009

Jaydiohead and Twitter

A friend from another blog passed me info a few months ago on a mashup that combined Radiohead and Jay-Z, called Jaydiohead and I posted it on Twitter today. The guy that produced those tracks sent me a link to another project he has done called doublecheckyourhead, which is also worth a look.

I think that stuff like this is going to become the future of music as the software for doing remixes and DJ sets makes the things that are complex today more and more simple. What this means for the music industry as a whole I am not sure, but the people at the top like the guy that did the remix (available at @maxtannone on Twitter) are reinterpreting music in a way that is nice to listen to, and a few years ago could only be done by the likes of Mixmaster Mike.

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